About Us

The time for soft divine touch is now

Soft Divine Touch is changing the way our clients experience therapeutic massage. It’s the on-demand online booking that brings the therapist to them – at their home or office – within the same day, and often within the same hour.

Soft Divine Touch was built on the idea that busy people can’t always take the time to go to the spa or clinic to get a therapeutic massage. Rather than having to book days in advance for an appointment, they can get treatment from Soft Divine Touch when they need it most – on short notice. When their massage is over, they can relax where they are instead of battling traffic or transit to make their way home.

With Soft Divine Touch, clients can book and pay for their massage through the convenience of their mobile phone. Services are available from 8 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Soft Divine Touch is the only on-demand service that partners exclusively with registered massage therapists. Every receipt includes the therapist’s provincial registration number so that clients with private health insurance can submit a claim.

On Demand Massage from the Experts of Soft Divine Touch

A business success story, Soft Divine Touch has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in massage services.

After years of providing a broad range of massage service, we know a thing or two about creating a great customer experience.

We believe that there will always be a demand for the immersive multi-service experience of the day spa. But we also see a growing need to provide clients with a more practical and convenient way to access therapeutic massage.

Whether they’re managing the effects of stress, recovering from a sports injury or wanting to ease their way through the aches and pains of muscles, they can depend on Soft Divine Touch to bring them relief when and where they need it.

We designed the Soft Divine Touch website to bring RMTs and massage clients together in an innovative way that solves for the needs of both groups. Clients are able to see a therapist on short notice – when their need for a massage is greatest. Therapists get to do more of the work they love while being able to set their own terms as self-employed professionals.

Our vision is to make the Soft Divine Touch service available for each and everyone in need of our services.